Telepathy and Transformation


I remember being fascinated by the idea of telepathy as a young teenager, arranging once an experiment with a friend where we would tune in at a certain time and transmit images or words to each other across a couple of streets.  I recall that I did this standing in my parents’ bedroom, perhaps some instinct in me drew me to connect to their energy to make this happen.  I had read a book on telepathy written by a scientist and although I did not exactly understand it, my interest was tweaked.

My friend forgot the rendezvous time and of course nothing happened.

Nowadays telepathy is a fairly normal thing to me.  It’s not about direct conversation mind to mind, it’s more about sending energy, messages and love to somebody’s spirit, and being open to receive what others might be sending to me. My teenage experiment was entirely an act of will and thought. I would have had no notion of connecting heart and sexual energy into the telepathic communication, but have of course since learnt that we communicate vast amounts via emotion and desires. When I wish to tune into the collective energy field I can get there via raising sexual desire energy, bringing it into the heart and releasing into the mind and spirit.  Emptying the mind, I move into a ‘passive’ mental state where I can observe what enters it from spirit, which might be images, words or feelings coming from the many people who have a place in my heart.

The key to this i would say is to simply KNOW that we humans are a collective consciousness, and let oneself enter into the field of spirit via meditation.  Today I am even writing at the same time as observing the inner senses.  The predominant colour coming into my inner sight is a pale mauve, occasionally shifting into pink.  A deep green is close by.  Focussing around my legs I sense the realm of nature spirits, faerie elementals, especially tiny flame creatures and green hatted little elves (! hi guys!).  Tuning into the body’s midrift I get the vibration of brothers who left life recently, close allies protecting and enjoying the very visceral human childlike part of my being. As I rise through the body there are the Mothers and Grandmothers nurturing and loving me and my loved ones.  Rising through the heart I see a vision of the Horned God, a young and vibrant PanMan, priapic holding a staff and a large golden ring.  Above him there is sky with white clouds, the sphere of the Grandfather, the clouds his beard and the sky reflecting the sparkling blue of his eyes.

And then sunshine.  Golden rays of unending sunlight.


Suddenly an ocean rises, water fills the cosmos.  This water is the spiritual love that Aquarius pours from hisher urn.  There is a vast amount of it waiting in the spiritual sky and coming our way.  Aquarius, though the Water Bearer, is the Fixed Air sign of the zodiac.  Once Aquarian energy is on course, on purpose, its fixed nature means it is steady and strong.  (Of course in a world that prefers to keep the spirit world out of the picture, confined to holy places and people, relatively few Aquarians are really living out the potential of their sign as yet).   The popularity of meditation and mindfulness practices around the world is an indication of the growing Aquarian consciousness (as are humanitarian efforts to help refugees and also the visibility of lgbtq people around the world).  Meditation builds mental muscle, so that when the spiritual water pours in, the mind can stay open, be fully present, enabling the body to become the vehicle of spirit descending, channelling into the earth plane.


The Age of Aquarius is being born bit by bit. At this point in human history, how we know ourselves, how we use our minds, how we understand emotion, sexuality and spirit is being utterly transformed.

There are many ways we can take to this transformation.

For sure we need time alone and time with others

We need to acknowledge and let go of what has gone before

Renewing our relationship with Life, Self and Other often

When life is known as the adventure that Consciousness is on

Humanity’s Awakening is hastened

We each have our own keys inside

To the greatest revolution that Humans have yet to experience.




The first solstice full moon for 70 years…and a few days later the world in chaos… a wave of drama from which our Faerie tribe was not immune… but, as magicians know, chaos is magic too… from chaos new order is born…

As the Gemini Sun set in the west on solstice eve a big fat Full Moon rose in the east, beaming strong Sagittarian fire frequencies at us through the ether, energies that motivate the human spirit to reach for higher purpose and connection.

Radical Faeries of Albion gathered round the fire in the woods beneath Glastonbury Tor to honour those energies with ritual, drumming, dancing… building a powerful cauldron of love and ecstasy in celebration of Pan and Mother Nature.

The Solstice point came shortly before midnight with both the Sun and Moon changing signs.  The Sun shifted from the sociable air vibrations of Gemini into the emotional water realm of Cancer, and the moon shifted soon after into the earthy tones of Capricorn.  The night began with Air and Fire in control, both elements which defy gravity and uplift us, ended with Water and Earth dominating, the elements which ground us, get us in touch with our feelings, and our issues.

The whole world is still reeling from the blast of this intense Full Moon.  It knocked everything upside down: Brexit followed a few days later.  A week later division and discord seem to rule. Anarchy in the UK. In our gathering space we were not immune to these vibrations.  The Faeries opened up a cauldron of connections and strong emotions during 9 days of gathering – we were all in a particularly sensitive space post Orlando, but in our efforts to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON we completely failed to notice that something akin to the energy of the Orlando killer was manifesting right there in our own community space, setting off energy ripples that would affect us all.

Solstice: energetically when the Sun is at its strongest point so are our personalities. It is arguably the hardest time of the year to tame the ego, because it is the time that the ego feels it is ‘right’, and therefore a challenging time to form an intimate gathering energy.  Radical Faeries do not have a tradition of gathering at Summer Solstice, except perhaps for short celebrations – the Albion Faeries have been breaking new ground with our four years of Avalon gatherings,  and the universe has indeed showered us with blessings for taking this step. This time the blessings came with lessons attached.

There is a pattern associated with group gatherings that I was once told about, it has three stages and I sense that our solstice gatherings are following it: the pattern is…

Forming… Norming … Storming

Year 1 we got to know the place, year 2 we discovered just how much we could get out of it, year 3 we made the most of it and stormed our way to a rip roaring solstice night.  The cycle begins again… the forming year was this year.  We were dealt a new set of cards, including a very unexpected wild card.  The universe delivered us some lessons, has opened up areas that need discussion and loving attention, has clarified some of the challenges of the type of inclusive community we are attempting to create.

The faeries dispersed pretty quickly after the solstice. Exhaustion, physical and emotional, was widespread. The gathering was ending and we had no chance to listen to each other.  Some of us withdrew completely. Some are angry with others. There is talk of RIFT.  As we can see from the state of play in the British nation, we are completely in sync with the patterns dominating the bigger picture right now.

I have been part of faerie community for 15 years.  I have known this kind of moment before. When things get comfortable, even predictable, the universe delivers a shock to remind us that we are a tribe of pioneers, strong yet vulnerable, with much to learn and discover.

We are faeries… we healers… we are lightworkers, starseeds, nature’s children… we have ways of transforming conflict, of releasing hurts, of understanding as well as forgiving the other, if we truly choose to know them through the window of subject-SUBJECT consciousness.  The dark moon weekend July 1-3 is the end of the solstice period, the closing of the chaotic energies of this time, a chance for closure.  Then the gentler journey to Lammas and the harvest season will begin.

The Sun is in Cancer, this is the month of the Home, it is time to nurture our relationship with loved ones and with the planet.  Then when the Sun reaches fire sign Leo we arrive at the festival of Lammas, a harvest festival of thanksgiving.  In these sensitive and turbulent times, recent chaos and calamity should serve to help us focus on what matters most in our lives.  Out of chaos, new potential is always born.



Remembering the Weekday Gods

There is more to the days of the week than meets the eye on a calendar.  The days meet us on a soul level too.  This is an example of the simple but profound patterns of the cosmos that modern humans have forgotten or ignore, that could bring so much benefit, healing and transformation were they remembered.


Monday is the day of the Moon. It’s the day our emotional bodies want our attention. A day for self reflection and recharge.  But in our world the working week starts on a Monday, so people get pulled into movement and activity when their souls would rather be doing something much more intimate.  That’s why we don’t like Mondays.  If the working week began on Tuesday instead there would be an immediate boost to the mental health of the entire population, because…

Tuesday is the day of Mars, Mardi in French, Tues comes from the Norse equivalent war god Tyr.  The day has action energy behind it, drive and passion.  It’s get up and go, go out and get, no holding back energy. But after a hellish Monday we, and our work, most likely rarely get the full benefit of the Martian power.

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, or Wodin’s.  Wodin is associated with healing, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy.  Mercury of course with communication and commerce (and thievery).  All highly effective sounding for the business world to thrive on Wednesdays (after a good lie in on Monday and a gear-setting Tuesday), and the frenzy often comes out in the pub on a Wednesday evening.  But Mercury and Wodin are also gods of the underworld, of death… and that’s how many folk feel on a Wednesday, like death warmed up, longing for the weekend.  If only there had been a day to recharge on Monday after the excesses of Saturday (and maybe Friday and Sunday) the working week would be so much more… productive and satisfying.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day.  We all know Thursdays feel good. We probably think it’s because the weekend is near, but Thursday is the day of the most expansive, generous and jovial of the divine frequencies.  Jupiter was called Zeus in ancient Greece, and he is the patron of the Aquarian age, since it was he who placed the beautiful shepherd boy Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, a sign in the heavens that the day of love between males will one day be honoured as divine.  Thursdays are extra charged during the current acceleration of frequencies bringing the new age into being.  A good day to honour Zeus, who of course got stripped of his good humour and his homosexuality, merged with Saturn and turned into a faceless monotheist dictator god.  Thursdays are good days to joyfully reclaim the king of the gods and put him back in the pantheon, because coming next is…

Friday, the day of Venus, or Frigg, wife of Wodin, in the old Norse nomenclature.  Fridays are all about love, beauty, sex, prosperity and desire.  Good for work and for play, as can be seen on Friday nights in every town.  The energy of Venus is so strong this one goddess day is the balance to the trinity of male god days, those of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Mercury is the queerest of the planets, and his can be seen in his astrological glyph that is the Venus symbol with horns.  The Sun and the Moon, although often described as male and female, do not really relate to gender at all… they teach us about the soul, as experienced on the outer and inner perspectives.

Saturday is the day of Saturn.  He is the serious daddy of the cosmos, the balance to Jupiter’s expansiveness.   The Jewish people recognised this and keep Saturday as their sacred day.  The energy of Saturn has many attributes, so Saturday is both a day for sorting things out, attending to our practical needs, and for attending to our relationship with the  sacred, which might be done as a contemplative, humble activity – although an equally traditional form of worship is to get high, ecstatic, drunk and laid. (The good old pagan ways the church has spent so many centuries trying to repress). But O yes the natural ways persist still in the modern world, we are not completely cut off from them….. Saturday night Saturnalian bacchanalia still grips the world, in milder and wilder forms of course, but the sacred function of getting wasted, ecstatic etc is mostly lost.  Brazilians often remember it.  Party with Brazilians if you need more insight into what I mean.  Learn about the orishas*, the spirits who party with us, with whom we connect our spirit when we get high. In Europe we used to honour Pan, the deity who enjoyed, encouraged and blessed our pagan celebrations – of the old gods his worship lasted the longest in Europe, and was only stamped out by his spirit being bastardised into the Devil, the Christian invention, the dark mirror of their all-perfect deity, as sex and intoxication became taboo and repressed.  Saturn likes to party, but preferably for a purpose – which might be to bond groups of people, to open minds and hearts, to focus energy for positive goals.  The lack of sacred and purposeful function in much modern partying directly relates to the amount of drugs people often consume in their search for a special experience.  Meaning and purpose brings connection.  They make life more fun.  They make it special.

Sunday is of course the day of the Sun, sometimes seen as the first day of the week, sometimes the last.  The day of the Sun is the day of the Self, which was taken over by Christianity and made into the day we bow down to the God – outside in the heavens, unreachable, distant and demanding.  The complete opposite of where we should be looking for God.  The arrival of eastern spiritual wisdom in the west over the past century has gradually shifted awareness here, and maybe now there are more people in Europe and America who see that divinity is found within, in our hearts and minds – and here to be found in this life, not in heaven afterwards – than ever before.  Of course Jesus himself told us to look within, we would find the kingdom of heaven there, and mystics in the west have always managed to do so, recording their discoveries and sometimes being executed for them.  Sunday is the day to be a mystic.  To celebrate God, the Self in All Things.  To see the light in each other, in nature.  Many mystics like to party….  Sunday is a natural day to dance, because God, the Self, is the Dancer and the Dance.  Drugs become less relevant when the intoxicant is divine love.

And then Monday … ah… we get to lie in, rest up, see how we feeling after the love and joy and release of the weekend, nurture and look after ourselves, ready to go out and be creative, productive and compassionate in the world again.  Hooray for living in a world that balances the freedom and joy our souls need to flourish with the work we have to do to build a prosperous, peaceful world.  It could be that way if we can make up our minds to make it so.

And, o yes, why does this irrational, illogical system of the days of the week, the gods, and us, have any meaning or reality?  Perhaps because WE designed it that way when we were still a unified consciousness, a spirit planning the most almighty adventure of its eternal existence.   Knowing that a time of forgetting, of separation, would come, we lay down signs, clues, tracks so that the mystery could unfold and the awakening come.  Could it be as simple as giving people a lie in on a Monday morning to shift the mental health of the world and reconnect us all to the divine flow?  We are always manifesting the qualities of the divine energies behind the days of the week in our individual and collective stories with little idea that we are doing so. We could be doing it more consciously, joyfully and successfully!  If only people got a lie in on a Monday the world might start becoming a better, happier place.  Our task is to create an Aquarian culture that honours all aspects of Who We Are, reconnects us to the cosmos and so empowers us to start sorting out the mess humanity is still creating on planet Earth.

*orishas: The orishas are the emissaries of the Divine.  They oversee the forces of nature and the endeavours of humanity in the Yoruba religion, each manifesting certain qualities of the One Divinity.  As well as supporting us in everyday life, when we get drunk or high we connect to the collective streams of spirit, so having good relationship with the spirit guardians of those streams can benefit and protect us.

Call to the Sons of Pan























































ACT UP for life, love and liberty

*I believe the spirit of ACT UP has revived in recent years because the lessons that AIDS taught our rainbow community are being forgotten, and the deeper meanings and lessons of those years have yet to be fully realised*  Shokti


What lessons did the AIDS years teach us?

I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1990.  I refused AZT.  Friends who took it died.  My CD4 count went down to 3 in 1997. I was a PWA and then a Lazarus Syndrome survivor. almost 2 decades later I am taking the tablets, viral load undetectable and thriving.

To put it in a nutshell I suggest the AIDS years taught us…


That community matters, we need to care about each other

That governments cannot be trusted to do the right thing

That drug companies need watching and pushing

That doctors don’t have all the answers


THERE IS MORE TO WHO WE ARE AS HUMAN BEINGS THAN MEETS THE (SCIENTIFIC) EYE (only some of us got to learn this one, particularly those of us who were sick or lost loved ones)


It’s Gay Pride in London and CONTROVERSY is in the air as usual.  This time the planned flypast by the Red Arrows has heated the atmosphere in more ways than one, and got many queers questioning – why is Pride so deep with the military, politicians, big business and bankers?  Is the status quo, of conflict, corruption, exploitation and greed, the future lgbt people wish for the world?  Or could we be marching in the name of something better?


WAR IS TRAGEDY. THERE IS NO PRIDE IN WAR. The emergence of queer visibility is of a global people seeking peace, love and the freedom to be ourselves.  We are healers for humanity, but we have yet to learn the lessons thrown at us thick and fast during the few decades of our liberation story.   WE HAVE YET TO BECOME WHO WE ARE.





Red Arrow Flyover @ Pride: NO THANKS


Remember AIDS?

We send young men to die in war all the time but don’t have to look at that close up. AIDS brought dying men to the streets of the west.  People were horrified.  But did anybody notice this is going on all the time in war zones around the planet.? The British government profits from arms manufacture, it is part of a global death culture that brings profits to big business while people’s lives and the planet are destroyed.  Do we as gay people really want to celebrate that?  Imagine holding someone dying from AIDS as you answer.

It’s not that we can abolish war and weaponry overnight. But as LGBTQI+ people we can stand up for peace between nations, celebration of diversity, healthcare for all – one humanity on Mother Earth.  Our Pride parades can still have political purpose.  Instead of assuming that the whole of the queer spectrum wishes to ‘parade’ not ‘protest’ could ask next year in a massive survey why we wish to be visible on the streets.  For example, we could be marching in the name of our persecuted kin in other countries, including, shamefully, many in the Commonwealth, and express our feelings about their plight.

While in 75 countries gay sexual relationships are illegal, in London the Pride Committee holds its ‘public meeting’ in the guarded confines of the testicular carbunkel that is City Hall.  I was outside, part of a diverse rainbow gathering of passionate folk holding a vigil for victims of war, banging drums, chanting and speaking out about the significance of a Red Arrow Flypast being part of the Pride Day.  I did not see ANY public turning up for the public meeting.  I was in front of the door to the building, behind which security men hovered nervously, and nobody seemed to enter. I do know that some of our number who had gone inside to express their unhappiness at the Red Arrow flypast, were politely but forcibly removed.

Some campaigners would have the military out of the Pride march on the streets as well, but the armed forces are part of our society, and what has been achieved regarding recognition of gay people since 2000 is astounding.  The gay sailors and soldiers have earned their right to show off their uniforms on the parade.  Surely we all love a man in uniform so why fuss?  But Red Arrows in the sky?  Giving us a rainbow no doubt.  Could be stunning and utterly camp if it wasn’t so insidious.  Big Brother is in the sky…hooray Big Brother is over the rainbow.  No.  Big Brother is a killer.  Big Brother is protecting us!  NO… Big Brother is exporting arms that are used to kill people, including people like us.  Big Brother’s right hand man, Barclays Bank – is leading OUR parade……

and BAE Systems, the British company that makes the Red Arrows aircraft and sells weapons around the world, have been invited to march at Pride. In Saudi Arabia, one of BAE’s best customers, being gay is punishable by death.

AIDS brought the reality of young men dying home to the nation’s streets.  Dying in war is just as horrific.  There is no Pride in War. 

How can we as the lgbtqi community of Great Britain support the perpetuation of war, which cheering the Red Arrows would amount to?  We can’t stop the arms trade overnight, but we can deliver a kick up the backside by getting the media to take note of how many are feeling and by getting the Red Arrow flyover stopped.


If a gay Palestinian and a gay Israeli meet, do they attack each other? No, they are more likely to embrace. If a gay Muslim and a gay Christian meet, do they start a war? No, they are more likely to fuck.

We queers exist in every nation, every culture. We are, mostly, people who believe in peace and pleasure, and would wish that for all. The power is in us to reveal to the world it is possible to love everyone, and that everyone deserves love. Beyond borders, beyond religion, beyond fear.

We have the power to stand up for peace, for an end to division and war. But do we have the will, and the heart, to do it? Is the LGBT+ community too enmeshed with the corporate-political-industrial-capitalist-militaristic machine to be able to stand back and critique it? Are we going to go along quietly while the environment gets further destroyed, more species eradicated, while more lives get destroyed by war, more lgbt lives destroyed by prejudice and hate, or can we claim our power and speak as a global tribe of human beings who believe in love and peace for all?

the return of the real Mother Isis


half the world having a party, half the world in crisis.
hail the return of the real Mother Isis
Scorpio Moon GrandMother Light hitting planet Earth


We are Spirit, We are not merely Matter

it’s time to wake up to the mystery

get off the inane insane chatter

deepen life experience by tuning to the cycles

each year the sun and moon lead us deeper into Self

it takes time to fully awaken but the acceleration is here

it’s time to break down barriers that keep the world in fear

it’s time to come together and enter a new sphere

where remembrance and romance are keys to unlock the soul

understanding and compassion are the method and the goal

and nakedness and dancing are never far away

where when we meet a lover, we go straight to nature to pray

Everybody is a Self.  Self is Everybody.

when we tune to the collective as well as the individual

we enter a new level of the game of awakening

and the game will lead us along the Way.

gif heart

there can be two births in each lifetime

one into the body and one into spirit

but the system in place on planet earth

is designed to prevent the experience of rebirth

the mystical path of Self-Knowledge is hidden from the masses

so their spirits are crippled, so many souls denied

people’s hearts are jealous and minds confused

our planet polluted and our children abused

evolve! Children! says GrandMother

It’s what you came to do

get into the sphere of conscious dreaming

that’s really what’s going on here

we create our realities through love or through hate or fear

breakdown, breakout, breakthrough

each yearly cycle brings the chance to birth more of You.

sickness, addiction all kinds of crises

come along to push us to the edge

dive over, surrender, become One with it all

When we die we return to the Source Eternal

Let Eternity into your life and death will be no more

Be born as Spirit out of choice

Would be the wisest, simplest option


GrandMother Scorpio hands her cup to the Centaur Sagittarius

The Wounded Healer, who has survived the battles of becoming

an individual, a family member, a lover and now points his arrow

towards the goal of knowing and becoming a being in tune

with the higher, collective consciousness

with the unity that lies within all



love is divine and it opens the way

jealousy, fear and attachment destroy everything that’s gained

love is an expanding force

share it with everyone you know”









Dance On Towards A New World

Calling to The Radical Wayfarers

That come from the root

Inventing new dreams and new schemes

This is our time to

Assemble, coalesce

Dance on towards

A new Earth.


Calling to the Peaceful People

All around the world

Who no longer wish to tolerate

This theatre of the absurd

Assemble, coalesce

We dance on towards

A new Earth.


Calling to the Believers in Love

Who need no church and no creed

Who have had enough

Of the corruption and greed

We dance on towards

A new Earth.


The Awakening Children

Of the Mother Divine

Rising to our calling

This is the Time

For the return of the Goddess

And the end of Men’s Madness

The old ways remembered

The cycles once more honoured

A mystery unveiling

For those with eyes to see

The calling to love

The calling to be free

Lovers, Peacemakers, Radical Wayfarers

Assemble, coalesce

We dance on towards a new Earth.


Shokti’s Radical Faerie Fundamentals


Radical Faerie is a term adopted by some humans (often but by no means exclusively gay men) as a label to indicate we view ourselves as free and sacred beings of nature, seeking to live from the heart in tune with the natural forces, and that like nature is constantly exploring and growing, is both male and female, elemental and divine. Each Faerie will have their own unique definition of the term, no faerie seeks to speak for another, this offering is Shokti’s take on some fundamental faerie fae-osophy. I believe Faerie space offers sanctuary to those of us who wish to explore who and what we are from the root up, a sanctuary where the self-limiting, hierarchical and patriarchal concepts of materialist science and certain dictatorial religions do not reign. Instead Magic is on the throne, and Her reign gives us Freedom to be Who We Are.


The faerie fundamentals as seen by SHOKTI: Each human soul is a unique mixture of the primal energies of Creation. A soul has self-awareness, a quality which mystics of all faiths have declared is the essential nature of the Creator Consciousness – like the Source itself, we have self-knowledge, and the ability to create our own destiny. An interplay of pure consciousness (Shiva) and pure energy (Shakti), often depicted as an ecstatic, sexual union, brings the worlds into being. Souls combine the Shiva and Shakti nature of the Divine Creator Source within themselves, the fundamental truth is that at soul level we all both male and female energies, they flow together to create our being, while our personalities are also shaped by the interplay of the four elemental forces that are the building blocks of life.

Humans are the meeting point of nature and spirit. To live a healthy, balanced life we need to be well connected to both – modern life is crippled by disease and disaster because most people are connected to neither.

And yet healing and wholeness are our birthright as divine beings at home in the universe, and with some adjustments to our attitudes and outlooks can be ours. At any point we can choose to re-boot our lives and bring ourselves into harmony with the natural flow of the universe. We have to remember that we are not separate from nature or spirit, in fact we are constantly under the influence of energy flows which our ancient ancestors understood much better than we do today.

beltane faeries

Four simple steps to healing:

Attuning to Nature

Opening to Spirit

Healing the Heart

Reprogramming the Mind

The route to all this is through the Body.

If we seek wholeness, peace and wisdom in our lives, we have to take the responsibility for our healing out of the hands of doctors and into our own bodies. It will help if we believe that it is possible to come into harmonic flow with life. We have probably been encouraged to believe in a random, purposeless existence for most of our lives. We will need to be prepared to learn some new things, which are in fact old things, the things our souls already know, but which we forgot.

Inside each of us exists a soul that has deep roots in the indigenous tribes of this planet, in rites and ceremonies that connect us deeply to the Earth, the Air, the Fire and Water…. Plus to the Spirit, the multidimensional consciousness that we are forever part of. Through our own intuition we can bring ourselves into alignment – but these energies are extremely powerful, and can unbalance us as well as help us. Therefore it is valuable to share our journey into healing with others who can support and reflect back to us what is going on.

Most of us have taken psychedelics, or worked with medicine plant helpers, to expand our awareness in some way. Drug use is so popular because humans love to experience the potential limitlessness and ecstatic feelings in their soul – though in a materialist, scientific era, soul is a word we rarely use. If we accept the reality of the soul, a question that then comes up of course is do we also have to accept the religious rules and concepts we were indoctrinated with as children?

Only one way to find out – ask the soul. Step One. Go out in Nature. Attuning to Nature also involves taking notice of moon cycles, seasonal changes and astrological influences. Step Two. We can raise our vibrational frequency to talk to the Spirit. There are infinite ways to alter our vibrations. Eventually drugs become irrelevant – they can be useful to open up energy channels in us which we can then access through other means, eg dance, drumming, chanting, yoga, breathing techniques, sexual energy. Those channels exist in us, it’s just the modern world convinced most of us to tune them out.

Step Three. Healing the Heart involves sharing our stories, being heard without judgement in the warm embrace of fellow souls. Heart Circle is the most powerful heart healing tool I have ever come across. We can only do so much emotional healing alone, we can do so much with a special lover – but to fully heal our hearts we have to accept that humans are social creatures, we belong in community. Our hearts thrive when they are connected to many other hearts in openness, trust and joy. If we restrict our love to romantic illusions of partnership over all else, we will suffer. If we are held in the bosom of a loving community of friends we will survive all life throws at us, and grow through our challenges.

Step Four. The Mind has to give up. It doesn’t run the show. It isn’t designed to know everything – it is designed to ask questions, to analyse and consider. We keep our minds so full, and over stimulated in modern life – meditation helps us to calm the mind, enter into a passive mode within it, where we can, through stillness or trance, get access to its deeper levels, to the places shared with others in the collective consciousness. Through these levels we can even talk to plants, animals and spirit beings.

For this to be possible the mind has to be able to become clear and open, like a cloudless sky, and for that to happen we will need to reprogramme all beliefs and thought patterns that keep the dark clouds in our lives.

Coming to Healing involves coming home to the Body. Taking the body into nature – moving, stretching and opening the body to let in spirit – bringing the body into close physical contact with others (healing touch is part of healing the heart) – and even the reprogramming of the mind, the release of old beliefs and the affirmation of new, happens most effectively when the body is engaged too. Our bodies are temples of our spirit, containing a powerhouse of spiritual energy accessible through our sexuality. Sex is the fastest way to enlightenment, it has been said – if it is approached with awareness, love and surrender.


The Earth’s journey round the Sun provides us with eight seasonal festival points when it becomes possible for us to leap onto the Path of Healing and Awakening. Spring Equinox is just round the corner as I write this – as Nature reawakens after the cold, inward Winter months, so can we. As we dedicate ourselves to our own healing – as we discover our own ability to heal – the energies of Nature and Spirit rush to assist us.

The elements offer us a way to know and explore who and what we really are. Other metaphysical systems, such as the chakras, the kabbalistic tree of life, the planet’s astrological maps are also very helfpul tools for us to deepen self-knowledge and come into harmony with life. These maps are around to help us maximise the experience the soul is having while on planet Earth.   But the greatest teacher of all is LOVE, and on that point probably every faerie will agree – love opens the gates to the soul, to subject-SUBJECT consciousness (the term invented by Rad Fae Grandfather Harry Hay). Faeries gather in tribal groupings because the LOVE draws us in, transforms and heals us, opens the way to fuller manifestation of the light and joy in our souls. We were born this way, born to awaken, born to seek deeper and higher than most folk, born to be planetary healers. The time is really NOW. We are birthing the Age of Aquarius.


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The PrEP Scare: Healing Is Vital


Barely months into the much publicised. seemingly mass uptake of Truvada as a preventative measure against becoming HIV+ amongst men who have bareback sex with other men, a report has arrived of a case where a guy taking the medication has become positive.  Blood tests indicate high adherence to the presribed dosage, but the wonder drug did not work.

Voices in the health profession are running forwards with a Don’t Panic message.  One swallow does not make a summer and all that.  Nobody wants the hard fought for sexual liberty that is showing signs of arriving in gay life to be snuffed out again.  Over a very short period of time sex has become less frightening: positive guys with undetectable loads, thanks to the highly effective medications that are now available. are seen as less risky fucks than guys who believe they are negative but may not be.  The appearance of Truvada as Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, enabling negative guys to theoretically be able to fuck anybody without fear of becoming positive, offers the chance that HIV could be eradicated within a generation or so. What a dream!  What a dream to shatter.

The PrEP debate gets the headlines, but like all medically related discussion around HIV,  the focus on the biology of the situation entirely misses the spirituality of what is going on.  Science considers us to be animals pursuing their primeval appetites, and the medical profession attempts to heal the wounds that are inflicted on our body as we do this.  If we have mental wounds too they will also have a go at helping with those, perhaps simply medicating them away.  But nobody is addressing the spirit of what is going on – that is to say the discusion around why we are so keen to have sex that may lead to nasty infections and our early death,  and the energies that men share with each other when they fuck.


When we are feeling the joys of life, have a spring in our step and a healthy lust in our loins, the sex we have will of course be amazing.  We share the feelings going on in us when we join our bodies with each other as well as sharing our physical forms and the bugs living therein.   If we are chasing sex to escape feelings of depression, loneliness, neediness etc then those feelings are present in us when we fuck.  We pass them into another’s person’s energy field just as our semen enters and dissolves into their flesh.  This is grim thinking I know.  It’s much easier to just talk about tablets.

When we are in love with someone the energies we can share through sex are majestic, divine even, they can lift us into heavenly states of being.   Even when not in love we can take a spiritual attitude – ie viewing all those we have sex with to be worthy of our love and kindness – and so doing,. bring great energies to the sexual playing field.  When we are really feeling positive in ourselves, drugs are unlikely to do much to improve our experience, sex becomes highly energised and ecstatic without the need for excessive use of stimulants, and the vibrations we give out to others are good for them.

I have been HIV+ since 1990, lived with full blown AIDS from 1995-9. As i prepared myself to leave the body behind I let go of the idea that HIV is a simple physical virus – I saw HIV as a manifestation of CRISIS of more than one level of a person’s being: in the emotional self (the accumulation of unresolved issues), in the mind (eg caused by negative outlooks), in the body (overstressing it) and in the spirit:  I came to view HIV as a soul dis-ease as much as physical disease.  The reason perhaps that I survived pneumonia, gastro infections, and rampant KS on my skin and in my lungs, is that through this revelation I saw the way to heal my own soul.  In fact the soul led me, I just had to let it seize the reins, take my ego down a few pegs and realise that the soul knows what it’s here for and how to get on with it.  I had ignored my soul since my early teens, and that, I believe, is why my immune system was breaking down. My lifeforce could not stay in my body because my soul was not engaged, but once embraced an inner light began to open, grow and has become the centre of my life.


The lifeforce will find a way.  The human soul is crying out to be acknowledged, honoured and nurtured in our harsh, calculating, challenged modern world.  We can medicate away the threat of HIV killing us, or even of becoming positive in the first place, but until the goal of Awakening that Nature is pushing us too is found, She will continue to push us over the edge, one way or another.

Healing Is Vital.  The reason that HIV hit both the African and the Gay communities is that we the ones most denied and abused by the dominant white patriarchal culture, and have been since centuries.  HIV emerged as a manifestation of the pressure thar our peoples have suffered over time.  That we rose to the challenge and found a way through that holocaust time shows our strength, our ability to endure and survive.  For centuries the white straight man has sought to destroy the feminine side of masculinity, and to enslave the men and women of races they viewed as inferior.  But their attempts to subjugate and stamp out have failed. We survive because there is nowhere else to go. We belong here.  We are the people of this planet.  It is time for us to remember that.  Because we are not the ones holding the power and the weapons, we are the ones who are closer to the earth, closer to the Mother Spirit, closer to WAKING UP… and HIV came along as a catalyst to help us do that.

On a certain level, the epidemic of HIV amongst oppressed groups is in fact a gift, not a curse: HIV when viewed as a trigger to face our mortality, put our lives in order, live healthily and heal our souls puts those of us with it way ahead of the consciousness game in comparison to the mainstream majority of the population.  When used as a door into questions… and the seeking of answers.. around life’s mystery, HIV can be a catalyst for Self-Discovery, Personal and Spiritual Growth: for the discovery of the eternal soul within, waiting to flower into all its divine potential, which it will do as soon as we wake up and notice it is there.

If we could notice the divine soul in each other too that would hasten the process of healing and growth.  Instead of seeing each other as meat to be devoured, as toys for our pleasure, we serve each other much better when we look to meet the divine miracle that each one of us is, full of potential, creativty and an infinite capacity to love.

When we make love we share all the energy that is in our body and soul with another person.  Our thoughts buzz in our energy fields like electric charges, they can be postive or negative, healing and helpful… or deadly.  Emotions swirl through us too and the good ones are the ones it feels best to share.  Fetish sexual practices, eg BDSM, can help us share and release darker emotions too – while still having fun.  Sex can help us to keep our emotional bodies in good shape as well as fill us with orgasmic physical feelings.

When we become conscious of exactly what we are sharing when we have sex we are more likely to put a bit more thought and care into what we are doing .  Are we spreading joy or spreading our dismay and dis-ease?  Are we loving the people we play with or are we using them, and simply loving ourselves, if even that? Are we treating sex as a holy gift that can open the gates to our inner kingdoms, or as a stopgap/commodity compensating for the pain of the nagging holes in our soul?


PrEP is not the answer.  PrEP is not the point. PrEP barely touches the real question.

Finding our Selves is the point.  Why are we like we are?  is the question.

I am aware of a number of men who have remained hiv negative despite years of barebacking with a positive partner (even when that partner has a roaringly high viral load), where are the headlines about their experience?  One guy on PrEP becomes positive and it’s all over the world.  The medics of course do not want to admit that actually they have no real idea why one person becomes HIV+ and another doesn’t.

Gay life is riddled with negative, judgemental attitudes.  We do give each other great sex, but we give each a lot of shade too.  Racism, Sexism, Fem-phobia, Body Fascism – fuck, we can be really rotten to each other.  We share our dis-ease as well as our diseases when we get intimate.  But let’s try to remember that we are a people, a part of humanity, that has been beaten and attacked, our existence criminalised and declared a sin, for a very, very long time.  We are still clearing that history, and are horrible to each other, and to ourselves, sometimes because of what we carry in our DNA, in our spirit, as well as because of the wounds we have gained in this lifetime.  We are a community that some serious soul healing to do, and making the story simply about drugs and viruses seriously underestimates what is going on amonst gay men.  We are a part of humanity still in the early stages of finding its way, our liberation story has really only just begun.  We are more than our biology, and in order for us to find the way forwards from the health crises that assail us, we have to embrace, that on a soul level as well as physical level, Healing Is Vital.