The Eternal Message of the Mystics

The Voices that are angry

The Voices that are sad

The Voices that are jealous

The Voices that are mad

The Voices that are happy, excited, loving, kind

The many Voices of the Mind

We observe and go beyond them

The deepest Voice to find.

The Wounds written on the Body

The Wounds carried in the Heart

The Pressures of Existence

Push us to Know our part.

Our Values and our Actions

Decree Who We Become

Our Friends and Lovers are our Mirrors

Reminding Us We are All One.

Beyond Illusion beyond pain we Heal in the Spirit zone

The Caress of the Spirit Holy

The Divine Mother coming Home.

The Body is the gateway

The Mind a ladder to climb

The Heart is the seat of Soul

Spirit Unified is the Goal.

Mystics throughout time have prepared the Way

Our task in the 21st Century, to wake up the world

Reveal a new way to Pray

Bring Ancient Light to modern times

Begin the Aquarian Day.


Hindu ‘Chandogya Upanishad’ c 1000BCE:

In the beginning was only Being

One without a second

Out of himself he brought forth the cosmos

And entered into everything in it.

There is nothing that did not come from him

Of everything he is the innermost Self.

He is the truth, he is the Self supreme

You are that… you are that.


Buddhist ‘Hymn to Perfect Wisdom’ 2nd century CE:

Those in need of light considering,

The Tathagatas extol

Thee, the Single One, as many,

Multi-formed and many-named.


Rabbinic teaching, C3:

Everything that God,

the source and substance of all,

creates in this world

flows naturally from the essence of God’s divine nature…

Creation is the extension of God

Creation is God encountered in time and space.

Creation is the infinite in the garb of the finite


Christian mystic Gregory of Nyssa, C4:


The distinction between the persons does not impair the oneness of nature, nor does the shared unity of essence lead to a confusion between the distinctive characteristics of the persons. Do not be surprised that we should speak of the Godhead as being at the same time both unified and differentiated. Using riddles, as it were, we envisage a strange and paradoxical diversity-in-unity and unity-in-diversity.


Christian mystic, Dionysius the Areopagite, C6:


Leave the senses and the workings of the intellect, and all that the sense and the intellect can perceive, and all that is not and that is, and through unknowing reach out, so far as this is possible, toward Oneness with him who is beyond all being and knowledge. In this way, through an uncompromising, absolute and pure detachment from yourself and all things and released from all, you will be lead upwards toward that radiance of the divine darkness which is beyond all being.


Jewish mystic Moses de Leon, C13:


God is unified Oneness.. one without two, inestimable. Genuine divine existence engenders the existence of all creation. The sublime, inner essences secretly constitute a chain linking everything from the highest to the lowest, extending from the upper pool to the edge of the universe.


Sufi mystic Rumi, C13:

You hide me in your cloak of Nothingness

Reflect my ghost in your glass of Being

I am nothing, yet appear: transparent dream

Where your Eternity briefly trembles

No heaven or earth, just this mysterious place

We walk in dazedly, where being here

Or there, in time or not, are only

Two motions of the same ecstatic breathing.


Christian mystic Catherine of Sienna, C14: Until Your Own Dawn


everything in this world is a luminous divine dream
I have spun.

I did not know life was a fabric woven by my soul.
Any form that can appear to you—should I confess this?—
it is something I made.
All roots nurse

God’s art is mine. I did not want His divine talent.
It simply grew in my heart from
the way I

Existence is as a young child moving through
a lane at night;

it wanted to
hold my

Here, dear earth, hold me,
until your own


Christian Anchorite Julian of Norwich, C14:


Therefore this is His thirst and love-longing, to have us altogether whole in Him, to His bliss,—as.

Christian mystic Meister Eckhart, C14:

A master says whoever speaks of God in any likeness, speaks impurely of Him. But to speak of God with nothing is to speak of Him correctly. When the soul is unified and there enters into total abnegation, then she finds God as in Nothing. We must take God as mode without mode, and essence without essence, for He has no modes.


Hindu mystic Ramakrishna, C19:


No-one can say with finality that God is only “this” and nothing else. He is formless and again he has forms. For the bhakta (follower of path of devotion) he assumes forms. But he is formless for the jnani (follower of the path of knowledge), that is for him who looks upon the world as a mere dream… The jnani realises Brahman in his own consciousness. He cannot describe what Brahman is.”

Gay mystic Edward Carpenter, C20


We are arriving at one of the most fruitful and important turning points in the history of the race. The Self is entering into relation with the Body. For, that the individual should conceive and know himself, not as a toy and chance-product of his own bodily heredity, but as identified and continuous with the Eternal Self of which his body is a manifestation, is indeed to begin a new life and to enter a hitherto undreamed world of possibilities….

Hindu mystic Aurobindo, C20:


Up till now what Nature has achieved was an enlarging of the bounds of our surface Knowledge-Ignorance, what it attempted in the spiritual endeavour is to abolish the Ignorance, to go inward and discover the soul and to become united in consciousness with God and with all existence.


Christian mystic Bede Griffiths C20:


The one Word has gone out of itself, has reflected itself in this ocean of matter, the one Spirit is at work with its infinite energy, building up this matter in time… Here all is one, united in a simple vision of being. All the long evolution of matter and man, all my own history from the first moment that I became a living cell, all the stages of my consciousness and that of all human beings, is here recapitulated, brought to a point, and I know myself as the Self of all, the one Word eternally spoken in time.


Ramana Maharshi:



A human being is part of a whole, called by us ‘the Universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few person nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening out circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.


Ken Wilber:


Evolution is best thought of as Spirit-in-Action, God-in-the-Making, where Spirit unfolds itself at every stage of development, thus manifesting more of itself and realising more of itself, at every unfolding.



Psychedelic mystic Terrence McKenna:


What we call history is the fall out of the dynamic here and now relationship with our environment and into this anticipation of the future, worry about the past – basically ego.


Amma, the Mother of Immortal Bliss:


om namah shivaya

“God is Love”, said Jesus. “Love makes the world go round”, they sang in the 1960s. Rumi wrote that “Love is our Mother”. Love is certainly a ‘many splendoured thing’, and according to the world’s mystical seers, the force that makes the universe work. Everything in existence seems drawn instinctively to form union with something else. We can say that love is at work everywhere, driving our urge to reproduce, to have fun, to find companions on this life journey. It might be that the One split into the Many for Creation to happen and the mission of the Many is to return to the One. This is what the deep thinking, inner focussed, mystics from every religion, from every part of the globe, have been telling us for thousands of years. Humanity is slow to listen because of our investment in our own personal, individual egos. To switch to a view that recognises the Self in us is the Self in all beings changes everything – our egos dissolve into insignificance, our efforts to dominate or destroy each other are revealed as damage we our doing to ourselves.


Super Human: Chems and Consciousness


Shamans across the world have always used substances from nature to expand their consciousness and commune with other layers of reality.  Modern humanity has all kinds of chemical magic that we have added to this pot of potential, but pays too little attention to the reality of the multiverse our trips take us too.

LSD opens the mind

Ecstasy opens the heart

Cocaine boosts the power centre

Crystal Meth/G/Mephedrone expand the sexual drive

(at least that’s all gay men seem to be using them for)


If we take them all is human potential unleashed?

Better to understand that human potential exists without the chems

When we understand what we are:  divine ecstatic souls incarnate

Chems become signposts to the Way, doors to our own nature,

That can show us the unity of consciousness on the dance floor

Take us on journeys through the infinite mind space

That can reveal how strong and mighty the love within us is

Can point to our powerful potential as humans

And unlock the spirit trapped in the body.

They can reveal the thing that science keeps concealed

That the mental, emotional and spirit planes

Are vast, eternal and REAL.


We have travelled and explored the physical

Right down to the quantum level

But while we are a species trapped in conflict and division

The gates to the other realms remain largely closed

One day all will see that the soul is part of infinity

The mental, emotional and spirit dimensions

Are as real, as vast, or even more so, than the physical

Humans have a lot to explore and discover yet

But we still haven’t got a grip on the basics.


The idea that existence is an accident

Or the result of a physical big bang

Will be as ridiculous in the future

As the idea of a flat earth is to us today.

The idea of denying God

Because of the amount of suffering on planet earth

Will be as ridiculous in the future

As the idea that the earth is the centre of the universe.


Existence is made of the forces of Creation

Preservation and Destruction/Transformation

These are the God powers and they exist in us

We live in a free will zone with divine power

In our thoughts, hearts, will and loins

We are the Creators, Preservers, Destroyer/Transformers

It’s time to own our powers

And recognise

That One Spirit is emanating here

As black, yellow, red, white, as straight, bi, queer

The refugee suffering loss is you

The Age of Aquarius will be online soon.

To get there we have to break so many delusions

Escape and transform so much confusion

But when unity is grasped

And our power so vast

Embraced and channelled for love

The veils will lift and the multiverse be revealed

The r-evolution will come.


Stay strong through the tumult

Life is a game but it’s destination is clear

Move beyond division, move beyond fear

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of the Super Humans

Is almost here.


Remembering the Weekday Gods

There is more to the days of the week than meets the eye on a calendar.  The days meet us on a soul level too.  This is an example of the simple but profound patterns of the cosmos that modern humans have forgotten or ignore, that could bring so much benefit, healing and transformation were they remembered.


Monday is the day of the Moon. It’s the day our emotional bodies want our attention. A day for self reflection and recharge.  But in our world the working week starts on a Monday, so people get pulled into movement and activity when their souls would rather be doing something much more intimate.  That’s why we don’t like Mondays.  If the working week began on Tuesday instead there would be an immediate boost to the mental health of the entire population, because…

Tuesday is the day of Mars, Mardi in French, Tues comes from the Norse equivalent war god Tyr.  The day has action energy behind it, drive and passion.  It’s get up and go, go out and get, no holding back energy. But after a hellish Monday we, and our work, most likely rarely get the full benefit of the Martian power.

Wednesday is Mercury’s day, or Wodin’s.  Wodin is associated with healing, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy.  Mercury of course with communication and commerce (and thievery).  All highly effective sounding for the business world to thrive on Wednesdays (after a good lie in on Monday and a gear-setting Tuesday), and the frenzy often comes out in the pub on a Wednesday evening.  But Mercury and Wodin are also gods of the underworld, of death… and that’s how many folk feel on a Wednesday, like death warmed up, longing for the weekend.  If only there had been a day to recharge on Monday after the excesses of Saturday (and maybe Friday and Sunday) the working week would be so much more… productive and satisfying.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day.  We all know Thursdays feel good. We probably think it’s because the weekend is near, but Thursday is the day of the most expansive, generous and jovial of the divine frequencies.  Jupiter was called Zeus in ancient Greece, and he is the patron of the Aquarian age, since it was he who placed the beautiful shepherd boy Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, a sign in the heavens that the day of love between males will one day be honoured as divine.  Thursdays are extra charged during the current acceleration of frequencies bringing the new age into being.  A good day to honour Zeus, who of course got stripped of his good humour and his homosexuality, merged with Saturn and turned into a faceless monotheist dictator god.  Thursdays are good days to joyfully reclaim the king of the gods and put him back in the pantheon, because coming next is…

Friday, the day of Venus, or Frigg, wife of Wodin, in the old Norse nomenclature.  Fridays are all about love, beauty, sex, prosperity and desire.  Good for work and for play, as can be seen on Friday nights in every town.  The energy of Venus is so strong this one goddess day is the balance to the trinity of male god days, those of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Mercury is the queerest of the planets, and his can be seen in his astrological glyph that is the Venus symbol with horns.  The Sun and the Moon, although often described as male and female, do not really relate to gender at all… they teach us about the soul, as experienced on the outer and inner perspectives.

Saturday is the day of Saturn.  He is the serious daddy of the cosmos, the balance to Jupiter’s expansiveness.   The Jewish people recognised this and keep Saturday as their sacred day.  The energy of Saturn has many attributes, so Saturday is both a day for sorting things out, attending to our practical needs, and for attending to our relationship with the  sacred, which might be done as a contemplative, humble activity – although an equally traditional form of worship is to get high, ecstatic, drunk and laid. (The good old pagan ways the church has spent so many centuries trying to repress). But O yes the natural ways persist still in the modern world, we are not completely cut off from them….. Saturday night Saturnalian bacchanalia still grips the world, in milder and wilder forms of course, but the sacred function of getting wasted, ecstatic etc is mostly lost.  Brazilians often remember it.  Party with Brazilians if you need more insight into what I mean.  Learn about the orishas*, the spirits who party with us, with whom we connect our spirit when we get high. In Europe we used to honour Pan, the deity who enjoyed, encouraged and blessed our pagan celebrations – of the old gods his worship lasted the longest in Europe, and was only stamped out by his spirit being bastardised into the Devil, the Christian invention, the dark mirror of their all-perfect deity, as sex and intoxication became taboo and repressed.  Saturn likes to party, but preferably for a purpose – which might be to bond groups of people, to open minds and hearts, to focus energy for positive goals.  The lack of sacred and purposeful function in much modern partying directly relates to the amount of drugs people often consume in their search for a special experience.  Meaning and purpose brings connection.  They make life more fun.  They make it special.

Sunday is of course the day of the Sun, sometimes seen as the first day of the week, sometimes the last.  The day of the Sun is the day of the Self, which was taken over by Christianity and made into the day we bow down to the God – outside in the heavens, unreachable, distant and demanding.  The complete opposite of where we should be looking for God.  The arrival of eastern spiritual wisdom in the west over the past century has gradually shifted awareness here, and maybe now there are more people in Europe and America who see that divinity is found within, in our hearts and minds – and here to be found in this life, not in heaven afterwards – than ever before.  Of course Jesus himself told us to look within, we would find the kingdom of heaven there, and mystics in the west have always managed to do so, recording their discoveries and sometimes being executed for them.  Sunday is the day to be a mystic.  To celebrate God, the Self in All Things.  To see the light in each other, in nature.  Many mystics like to party….  Sunday is a natural day to dance, because God, the Self, is the Dancer and the Dance.  Drugs become less relevant when the intoxicant is divine love.

And then Monday … ah… we get to lie in, rest up, see how we feeling after the love and joy and release of the weekend, nurture and look after ourselves, ready to go out and be creative, productive and compassionate in the world again.  Hooray for living in a world that balances the freedom and joy our souls need to flourish with the work we have to do to build a prosperous, peaceful world.  It could be that way if we can make up our minds to make it so.

And, o yes, why does this irrational, illogical system of the days of the week, the gods, and us, have any meaning or reality?  Perhaps because WE designed it that way when we were still a unified consciousness, a spirit planning the most almighty adventure of its eternal existence.   Knowing that a time of forgetting, of separation, would come, we lay down signs, clues, tracks so that the mystery could unfold and the awakening come.  Could it be as simple as giving people a lie in on a Monday morning to shift the mental health of the world and reconnect us all to the divine flow?  We are always manifesting the qualities of the divine energies behind the days of the week in our individual and collective stories with little idea that we are doing so. We could be doing it more consciously, joyfully and successfully!  If only people got a lie in on a Monday the world might start becoming a better, happier place.  Our task is to create an Aquarian culture that honours all aspects of Who We Are, reconnects us to the cosmos and so empowers us to start sorting out the mess humanity is still creating on planet Earth.

*orishas: The orishas are the emissaries of the Divine.  They oversee the forces of nature and the endeavours of humanity in the Yoruba religion, each manifesting certain qualities of the One Divinity.  As well as supporting us in everyday life, when we get drunk or high we connect to the collective streams of spirit, so having good relationship with the spirit guardians of those streams can benefit and protect us.

Winter Solstice 2015


We live in a divine mystery. As more people grasp this, grasp for example that our reality is shaped by the deep seated beliefs we hold in our minds and the vibrations we create with our thoughts and emotions, larger numbers gradually shift our consciousness and begin to mould a new life for ourselves, of our own choosing and design. If we are fortunate we find others on the same track as us to journey with.  We are going to need some supporters on the road to union with the divine mystery in order to keep our heads above the overwhelming negavitivy so many are hooked on..


The beliefs that shaped modern society are being exposed as centuries old mind manipulation on a massive scale. Are we really born into this world to work for greedy bosses in order to survive? To obey the laws laid down by others regarding what we do with our own bodies? To listen to preachers who tell us we are sinners who should fear the world’s creator? To hate people who live or pray differently to us? Why is the world this way? Because so many believe it is.


Shokti’s Yuletide Offering: try forgetting everything you do or don’t believe. Know life from the place in yourself that is as innocent as a young child. Feel and breathe and be the earth, air, fire and water, feel the flow of time and space happening, the galaxy turning. We are all of it, we have a body in order to enjoy the simple fact of existence. feel the presence of your essence, of awareness, in the body, visualise a light, an inner solstice flame, that will illuminate your journey in the year ahead.


We are body and we are spirit. By spirit I mean the I AM sense, the life in the body, our Self. Thoughts and emotions are how we experience ourselves, and the accumulated energy we carry in our mental and emotional bodies is constantly influencing our existence. The interplay of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies in us is ‘magical’, as magic is the direction of energy, and thoughts/emotions have energy, vibration and presence.

They affect us and the world around us.


There is so much toxic thought and emotion swirling around planet earth this Christmas. CANCER FULL MOON ON CHRISTMAS DAY OFFERS HEALERS AND LIGHTWORKERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CALL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE INTO THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS TO CLEANSE THE MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL FIELDS AND LET IN MORE LIGHT. This is a huge opportunity to engage the power of collective intention because many human hearts are open at this time of year. Universal love is set to flow strongly. Some are going to see the light. Many more will feel it without knowing why.


Collective Consciousness: remember that? It was big in the 60s and 70s. The 80s brought the cult of the individual. It’s time for a pendulum swing.


Whether any God is involved (it’s often hard to know what people mean when they use that word) in our collectiveness, in our elemental child like core nature, in the creative power of our minds, is NOT RELEVANT. Walt Whitman, queer ancestor prophet and hailed as the greatest American poet, advised not to argue concerning God. We will find out more about that notion when we die, or not. We can focus on what we can directly experience. There is an unlimited number of ways we can explore our own spirit and the reality of collective consciousness, ‘group mind’. Meditation, singing, dancing, drumming, ritual, medicine plants, tantric sexuality among them. If gay culture… If the whole culture…championed self-knowledge, art and wisdom …instead of money and products …there might be much less self destructive chemically fuelled and sexually risky (to health mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical) behaviour going on.  Plus much better interpersonal relationships and community spirit.


We live in a divine mystery. Life is sacred, sexy, magical. If you don’t believe that life is those things…that you are those things….you are seriously underusing the creative power within yourself, the power that can transform life on earth as we finally wake up to what consciousness IS.


Words from Sananda

You And Only You Can Make The Shift. Civilization is but a Band-Aid held in place by its own belief system. You cannot fool the Light. Be honest and know yourself. As long as you hold onto struggle as a life raft it will only let you drift in the seas of despair. You Are The Captain Of Your Fate Master Of Your Soul.


From  Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the year ends stay at a place of knowing without restraints or constraints. A place of ‘no expectations’ as what is great makes its way to the surface breaking the quiet of the still pond. Allow yourself the luxury of being human while at the same time allowing yourself to be divinely orchestrated with the music of the spheres playing in your head. As your hearts expand and contract in unison, a mirror image of the universe in its pulsation and explosions is portrayed. If you could only truly grasp the fullness of this life you would delight in its gardens and bounty. Here sits the secret of the universe in full bloom. Herein sits time in all of her sequences and sections.…/give-the-christ-child-within-you

mystic mentality

Mystic mentality

escape from duality

the veils dissolve

when we pursue the goal

many have trodden

the mystic way

so many more can awaken

to the glorious day.

Saturn square Neptune

says sort out your beliefs

free your heart, find your calling

find peace.

Peace comes from knowing

Our Oneness in Spirit

Love is the portal

through which the Goddess reveals it.

Honouring the elements, the mother divine

we enter the age of Aquarius

uniting the spirit, the heart, the flesh

birthing the holy child, the faerie in us.

Peace comes from knowing

our Oneness in Spirit

Love is the portal

through which the Goddess reveals it.

Mystic mentality

escape from duality

the veils dissolve

when we pursue the goal

gif heart

make the leap into mystic mentality

live the cycles, the seasons, the moons

pierce the mystery of incarnation

are we stardust or love’s emanation?

the rainbow age




Once upon a time the human mind was as simple as that of a child. It was not full of language, concepts and information. It was not constantly troubled and faced with ever mounting responsibilities.. When we sat down in stillness we easily slipped into the dark emptiness of dreamtime, where we could hear the voices and see visions of elemental spirits, faerie folk, ancestors and deities. We slipped into a place between the worlds and never doubted that the cycle of life and death was an eternal one and that as creatures of the universe we were loved and taken care of.


Gradually over the centuries the development of language, laws and culture filled the human mind with thought, fear and worry, cutting us off from the eternal part of ourselves.  We went to church and temple to reconnect to that part of ourselves,  to the spirit, the eternal. We named this part of existence sacred, and  access to it became conditional on obeying certain rules and conditions.

When the Europeans arrived in the Americas they found a native culture that deeply honoured the immanence of spirit in creation. The minds of the Indians were not polluted by indoctrinated beliefs and fear of hell, they knew themselves to be enjoying the splendour of Great Spirit in their happy hunting grounds. Their simplicity kept them in touch with nature and the spirit world. Certain members of the tribe were born into the role of medicine men who communicated with the spirit levels. These special ones were cared for by the rest of the tribe. They were very offensive to the Europeans because they embodied both male and female nature and because they took lovers of the same sex. These shaman souls became known as the Berdache, a French word for a passive homosexual lover, this term was only replaced recently, in the 1990s, by Two Spirit.

Will Roscoe on Two Spirits:

The Europeans did their worst: they set about destroying the spiritual connection of the tribes by attacking the Two Spirited via the homophobic teachings of the Christian religion, and poisoning the minds of the native peoples with alcohol. But the ancient power of the tribal peoples of the world can not be destroyed. It is rising again as native wisdom is revived and explored and as the shamanic souls of the modern world wake up to who they are.

It’s not only the minds and souls of the Native peoples that were poisoned and polluted. The same treatment is handed out to the whole world to this very day. We are all permitted alcohol but denied other substances (generally it would seem this is because those other substances might wake us up to the mass delusion, to the mind control going on) . If there has been an effort to confuse everybody about ‘the meaning of life’, about god and spirit, about the evolution of consciousness, in recent decades/centuries, it has been very successful. Most people are content to zone out to mass entertainment and be held in a state of fear by mass media rather than tackle the big questions of life, rather than turn inside and journey in their own souls. Society is crippled and heading to disaster because of our loss of connection to Soul and Source.

The souls that incarnate to be carers, healers and mystical bridges to the other worlds are not recognised in modern westernised culture. Those that have this calling have to wake up and discover it within ourselves. The symptoms of awakening can be mistaken as mental disease and medicated away. Some of the awakeners are caught up in drug subcultures, medicating themselves into altered states with little or no grasp of the powerful spiritual energy they are handling, that they were born to handle. Whether those caught up in drug crazes will be able to step out of them and into a life channelling the spirit directly without resorting to soul destroying enhancement is questionable. What is urgently needed in order to prevent more and more slipping into the vortex is a growth in spiritual/shamanic awareness in the whole of society, and crucially amongst such groups as those on the gay sex party scene, where massive harm is occurring…. and also of course where the greatest highs are occurring (so many are therefore being attracted to this chemical flame) as these shamanic souls open up their energy fields to experience bliss, unaware this is the sacred, eternal, ecstatic soul they are switching on, the one we lost touch with when we lost the ability to sit in stillness and feel the presence of spirit.

Suddenly the minds of the world are focussed. Tragedy in France reveals and drives home how many tragedies are going on in other parts of the world all the time. We all deserve to live in peace and to pursue love and self-discovery. Surely most of us know this? But humans are still blowing each other up in the name of their Gods. Their ignorance has brought human history to a massive crisis point. Is war and devastation the only way forward? Have we not learnt anything from the last century? Will we have mass hysteria or could massive awakening and reconciliation actually be possible?

There is a rainbow awakening happening on this planet. The voices calling for peace and understanding of our innate Oneness are getting louder. They exist in all religions, and outside institutionalised faith. They exist in all races, all nations, in all walks of life. They are the voices of the ONE RAINBOW NATION OF HUMANITY. They are remembering the ancient ways of connection, of respect and honouring all life, of love. Our prayers are powerful.  We achieve peace on earth by deeply embodying it in our own energy fields, we get to this by releasing all our darkness, fear and pain, by becoming once again the innocent, divine children of  Creation, living in trust, in harmony, in the flow with Nature Herself.  To release all that we need to deeply pray… we may also need to scream and shout and cry….. This is the Time


Venus and Mars in Libra Nov 12-Dec 4, 2015

Mars and Venus are now in the cardinal air sign of Libra, one moving into it either side of the deeply transformative Scorpio New Moon.  We are in for a period of charm, diplomacy and hopefully PEACE winning out over WAR.  Relationships… and the reinvention of them… are high on the agenda….

venus and mars

“Venus is in Libra from November 8-December 4. We are more inclined to employ charm rather than aggressive behavior in order to get what we want during this cycle. Although Venus in Libra virtually lives for relationships, there is an air of cool detachment to this energy. We are very obliging with others–quite willing to negotiate and compromise. We can be especially idealistic about love. We prefer things be done the “right” way, and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behavior. The shadow side of this position is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, we could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. It’s probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to our partners but privately resenting the fact or thinking ourselves martyrs for doing so! This is also a time when we are more artistically inclined. We tend to seek balance in our personal environment.

“Mars in Libra from November 12, 2015-January 3, 2016. We tend to use our charm as a means to an end under the influence of this cycle. Because we can see many different sides to an issue, we can be vacillating and indecisive about how to act. We don’t want to be the “bad guy”, and rarely resort to force. Instead, we attempt to win arguments with style. We are indirect in approach and inclined towards engaging in mental debates, yet we also attempt to make the opposition comfortable! Passive-aggressiveness is the shadow side of this energy.”


“With Goddess of Love Venus at full strength in her rulership position, from November 8th, to December 5th, the urge to invite more beauty in our life, wade through disagreements, and take an inventory of our values and ideals will take center stage.  
“Venus sliding home to Libra suggests the common will to open a safe space for negotiation, peacebuilding and honest dialogue in relationships of all kinds; this combo has an agreeable, highly civilized nature, and usually amplifies the need for kindness and tactfulness in all human connections. However, with Mars also entering the sign four days later, and Uranus and Pluto waylaying the two divine lovers from their cardinal emplacements, the quest for peace and harmony is likely to incorporate conflict to some extent, or, at least, tension. Being Venus the faster moving planet, and preceding Mars into Libra, the two are not going to make a conjunction; if anything, though, the drive (Mars) and desire (Venus) to experience reciprocity, find a common ground, and revel in beauty and romance will still work in tandem, vigorously ramping up all of the aforementioned Libran themes. It will be up to the Libran in us, then, to orchestrate this cosmic dance between diplomacy and confrontation so that it can help us designing our life into something more beautiful.”


venus and mars 2

“A soul mate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.”

–Edgar Cayce


The pattern formed by 7 orbits of Venus and Mars

“2015 is likely to be a powerhouse year of changing allegiances, creative highs and passionate exchanges. It also seems set to be a year when many people will forge new love relationships, especially in the latter part of the year when these new cycles come into play as Venus and Mars will be in the morning skies once more.”

Michelle Finey

venus and mars 3

“We go around and around, lifetime after lifetime, caught in a web that we can’t see. Our love is expressed conditionally–I will love you “if”… We habitually repeat the story over and over again, “that you did this to me”,  and “I didn’t do this for you, … etcetera. This is the karma mate pattern. Marianne Williamson says that relationship is the container for love. Right now, Neptune in Pisces working to dissolve everything that stands between love and us. Forgiveness and compassion awakens love. Love creates the safe space for each partner to heal and to grow. The ideal relationship is not about someone who completes us. The ideal relationship is the one is which each partner has the space to complete himself or herself.”

Daniel Fiverson

neptune in pisces

On the Scorpio New Moon:

Essence of Scorpio – Element Water, Feminine, Emotional Realm

  • Deep feelings
  • Potent intuition
  • Death & Rebirth
  • Intense & Passionate
  • Powerfully Emotional
  • Mirroring the Shadow

“When working with Scorpio it allows us to go deep into our shadow self and clean up our emotional bodies. When we do this we make room for unforeseen blessings and gifts to manifest in our lives. This creates change.

“Scorpio Intentions – Dive in deep into the Water Realm and wash out stuck emotions, sabotaging programs and addictions by reprogramming your emotional body and cells. Clearing out all the debris that is in your emotional realm, nourish and regenerate your soul. Dive into the treasure chest of source energy for healing and transformation.

“Give yourself the time and space to feel and release. Working with Scorpio can be intense, so be mindful of what shows up to be cleared. Let it go without judgment into source, into the cosmic field.”

Enid Rosa


“Since Mars and Venus move out of Virgo then move into Libra fairly closely, you will see a strong cycle of personal versus collective events throughout the month. So your love-life, your work life, and social life will be expanding and contracting in exciting and unpredictable ways that you should definitely keep an eye on so you don’t miss all of the doors of opportunities.

“This month we will experience our first New Moon in Scorpio  that has not been linked to an eclipse in three years. The three (3) previous years were all New Moon eclipses in Scorpio and they all happen to have taken place while Saturn was in Scorpio, (2012 22 degrees, 2013 12 degrees and 2014 zero degrees). It is important to bring up the Saturn and Scorpio lessons and the impending end of 2015 so that we can change that “to-do”list into the “ta-da” list of completion and satisfaction.”



“With Goddess of Love Venus at full strength in her rulership position, from November 8th, to December 5th, the urge to invite more beauty in our life, wade through disagreements, and take an inventory of our values and ideals will take center stage.  
“Venus sliding home to Libra suggests the common will to open a safe space for negotiation, peacebuilding and honest dialogue in relationships of all kinds; this combo has an agreeable, highly civilized nature, and usually amplifies the need for kindness and tactfulness in all human connections. However, with Mars also entering the sign four days later, and Uranus and Pluto waylaying the two divine lovers from their cardinal emplacements, the quest for peace and harmony is likely to incorporate conflict to some extent, or, at least, tension. Being Venus the faster moving planet, and preceding Mars into Libra, the two are not going to make a conjunction; if anything, though, the drive (Mars) and desire (Venus) to experience reciprocity, find a common ground, and revel in beauty and romance will still work in tandem, vigorously ramping up all of the aforementioned Libran themes. It will be up to the Libran in us, then, to orchestrate this cosmic dance between diplomacy and confrontation so that it can help us designing our life into something more beautiful.”




The Dark Mother in the Scorpio New Moon calls her children to know themselves deeply profoundly magnificently. And to get ready to shine with her light awakened inside. Are we at the most magical Scorpio New moon yet…?  When another step into Aquarian consciousness is made, for some…maybe for many. How many of us are aware now that we are on the path of unveiling mysteries, of discovering fundamental forgotten magical realitie?, And not put here on earth to earn a living and pay a mortgage, those are optional extras. For some decades the most loyal and dedicated of the shock troops of the Gods have been developing our skills and growing in wisdom waiting for this moment, this tipping point when an avalanche of souls will fall out of the net of delusion, of maya, into the cauldron of transformation, revelation and light.

This Scorpio New Moon gets us desiring to know the deep mystery within ourselves, to face and embrace the dark side – to dissolve in the infinite spiritual waters of life, losing our egoic individuality to recognise the universal, eternal part of ourselves. This part is of course much older, wiser, happier and brighter than the ego mind we usually see the world through. This forgotten part of the human being is not content to remain in the shadows any more. This Scorpio New Moon does not only bring us to what is deep and emotional in us, it brings our attention to the unconscious power locked away in our unexplored parts.


Those who don’t recognize the call are likely getting into all sorts of mischief. A dip into grindr revealed London is Tinatripolis last night. Shamanic chaossexmagic dotted around town in bedrooms, Uber taxis whizzing whizzing men from destination to destination. The hunt is on…. For……ourselves. We chase the darkness, the destruction, the decadence, without knowing we are likely to find our true selves at the end of the search.

Yet there is nothing to hunt. We already are all of it. And we could be exploring it through light as well or instead of destructive darkness and insanity.

AMMA. The Mother of Immortal Bliss is here to deliver. ALLY PALLY LONDON. ‘THE PEOPLE’S PALACE’ is filled with AWE – LIGHT – THOUSANDS BATHING IN DIVINE LOVE this Scorpio New moon. The portal to deep and transcendental awareness is well and truly open.: “Don’t Chase pleasure, Chase the meaning of life” says Amma (that way the key to all pleasure lies – is the bit she implies – demonstrates – embodies – rather than spilling the explicit tantric beans. She can see humanity is still not ready to receive the full psychedelic royal flush of spirit’s love, WE ARE NOT GROWN UP ENOUGH YET TO BE ABLE TO EMBODY THE HIGH VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, We are not responsible enough yet to be that free. We do not even in general recognise that we are the children of the divine yet. Humanity is still in its stroppy teenager phase. But there are some eccentric signs of free spirited devotional expression growing at the Mother’s lotus feet – signs of free thinking spirituality that expresses the creative soul and doesn’t simply follow the norms, rules and conventions.  The children of the Goddess are getting up and dancing. Their freer spiritedness is present, as it is in Amma, but they are outnumbered. Mass spirituality needs more LIBERATED QUEERS AND ECCENTRICS turning UP to praise the Goddess and raise the stakes. I’m at Amma dressed in Faerie Green this year and having a ball.. for those who know the lingo i have to call it a spiritual SLAM….. 13 hours in a space of devotional heart centred presence is like taking the best sex drug on the planet. Amma is called the Mother of Immortal Bliss for a reason. I am one who can say – from experience – that yes, it is close, we are nearly ready… to face the music… the light…. to become the music, the light….to rise in celebration of the immortality of the soul … we are almost ready….. almost……


And now…. Diwali…. the Hindu Festival of Lights… has me at home writing it all down. Hinduism starts from the concept that WE ARE ALL THAT – the divine soul emanating into creation, exploring, playing, rejoicing. Indian culture has been infiltrating the west for a long time, and perhaps we finally reaching the point where enough of us here feel and appreciate the miraculous power in this understanding of our existence. This magnificent truth is somewhat disguised in christianity and islam… but is also there. “Be still and know I AM <is> God”. The years have been kinda long and dark since the giddy spiritual heights of hope and ecstasy a lot of us experienced in the early 2000s, and some warriors of light have no doubt fallen in battle, but in 2015 we are now three years into a new energy cycle that began in 2012, and many of us that have lasted this long on the path are noticing that the vibration is rising, rising fast, once more. Many many more people are waking up to their souls, to light, to higher frequencies of love. It’s time for those of us who have been serving the divine plan to step more confidently than ever into EXPRESSION, EXAMPLE AND ECSTATIC ENGAGEMENT. The times are indeed changing.

Think like a Faerie
Walk like a Faerie
Love like a Faerie
Talk like a Faerie
Be a radical Faerie
In this MotherFucking world
Scream about Her suffering
Cry about human greed
Spread the passion and compassion
Set the fashion
Spread the Goddess seed.
Her divine children are everywhere

Waking, finding the Way

But Outnumbered, Bleeding
Yet still Dancing Praying Strong
Not yet fully in their glamour

Still rising in their power and light
Waiting for the sign
That Pan’s waywyrd rainbow
Are finally noticing the Times.

Come on Queers. Let’s Come Out Again. We are the cavalry of the Goddess.

We are Lord Murugan, Shiva’s ‘flamboyant’ son, called to do sacred battle with all forces bland, banal, gender/sex-phobic, pleasure-fearing and love denying that strangle human evolution.

We’re ‘gay’.. We’re mostly nice people… Who get easily fucked up and fucked over… We want the world to be a nicer place. We bring important colour to life plus joy and hope. But instead of praising the Goddess, as our kind have always done across space and time, and sharing our immense capacity to love and innate connection to nature, gay men are mostly sniffing each other’s arses, armpits and powders in each other’s bedrooms, keeping our sex…ie our magic. .. amongst ourselves, keeping the gates to the multiverse shut. Lesbians seem to have become almost invisible, with few public scene spaces and a lack of specifically queer women’s self-exploration spaces. Bisexuals are finding their voice but seem to be more often complaining about how others discriminate against them rather than presenting anything new to the world.  I am sure their time will come.  The Trans community is finding its feet but is buying into the biological, materialist paradigm way too much, with result that the binary model of male v female can get strengthened.  We should all be glorifying in breaking that model down, revealing that we KNOW ourselves to be SOULS, transcendent beings combining gender energies, uniting body and spirit.

Yes we were born to fuck but also to dance, to love, to create… To speed up the evolution of the bleeding species. The greed of the breeders to create so many babies is destroying our planet. And we are letting them. Fucked up attitudes to pleasure and substance use are crippling generation after generation. We are letting this happen. Stone age attitudes around race and religion keep the world locked in war and fear. We are letting this happen.

We are the sleeping soldiers of the crack army of the divine mother of bliss.  Mostly medicated, often elated, called by Bliss to incarnate fully, fantastically and powerfully.  NOW.  The world is waking up.  Gay, straight, black, white, red, yellow, male,f female, trans:  we have all been sold down the river, now we can see the boat is going to crash we need to learn to steer the ship home to port.  The port-al of the Mother Dark.  Scorpio draws us home.


From Samhain at the end of October until Imbolc at the end of January we are in the darkest quarter of the year, when the hours of sunlight are few and nights are long. In the UK, turning the clocks back to Greenwich Mean Times brings early sunsets and a strong sense that the seasons have really changed now, that Summer is far behind us. Colourful autumn leaves are falling rapidly and the fact that Winter is almost here cannot be ignored. Modern life tries to keep us busy, focussed on the celebratory aspects of the coming Yuletide, working hard to pay for that capitalist bonanza, and so encourages us to miss the point that during this dark time it is worthwhile to stop occasionally, turn within, let things go, find some stillness and peace – to take the time and space to reflect and heal.

The two weeks from the Samhain Full Moon until the Scorpio New Moon (coming up on the 11th November) is the most rapid and, for some of us quite intense, period when the energies of nature are pulling us inwards, calling us to prepare for some hibernation periods during the coming Winter months so that we might heal and recharge ready for the activities and adventures of next year.

The underlying elemental energy of the Autumn is Water, and during the Scorpio month the Sun is in water energy too, bringing us openings into our own deep inner emotional and spiritual realms, Scorpio is the time of year the cosmos invites us to honour and explore the mystery of our incarnation… it offers the energy of rebirth through deep renewal, through release of whatever we need to let go of in order to grow into greater awareness of the multidimensional beings of light, love and spirit that we actually are. The materialist view of the universe is dying. The understanding that consciousness, that life, gives rise to the material, and not the other way around, is growing. This is the shift that will change everything on planet earth. We each have the individual chance to hurry that shift along and move humanity into the multidimensional adventures of the new millennium.


The second week of a waning moon and the dark moon days are often a difficult time for humans, essentially because we are not remembering that we are beings of nature. We exist in a culture that separates us from the natural rhythms of life and expects us to operate at full physical and mental capacity the whole year long. But every month the moon waxes from new to full and wanes to darkness, affecting our inner, emotional worlds. Our attempts to ignore this lead us into disease and depression. I have learnt that much depression and other mental health challenges can be better handled and understood if we learn to align ourselves with the natural flows of energy affecting all life on this planet. As well as being aware of the lunar cycles, simply discovering which elemental forces are most active in our individual souls can help explain a lot of our apparent issues and pathologies…..

There are four elemental conditions of energy on this world and they manifest in us as much as in anything else. Our astrological birth charts reveal through which elements our basic archetypes are operating. It can be particularly useful for our health and well being to reflect on the type of elemental energy in which the Moon was placed at our birth. We all know our Sun signs, but they only describe the outer personality traits – our inner worlds of emotion and imagination are generally ruled by a completely different energy. I find that when people discover what kind of element is operating strongly in their inner being they quickly find greater understanding of their own nature. Peace comes from knowing we are the consciousness of the universe on an eternal journey of exploration and growth.. and not simply these fragile bodies doomed to decay and death. Our nature is a combination of mind (air), body (earth), emotion (water) and spirit (fire): each of us a unique manifestation of the universal Self, and the understanding of the interplay of these forces within us shows us how to best bring happy and healthy manifestation of our own part of that universal Self.


Everything in modern life seems to want to keep us focussed on the small ‘self’ – the ego whose existence is indeed doomed. Business, government, academia, media, even religion all seem focussed on keeping us entranced in a shallow paradigm of separation, competition and disease. This is the story we have the chance to let go of at this transformational time of year as paradigms shift. Mystics and meditators of all faiths, the world over, have always experienced a spiritual unity underlying the diverse and miraculous manifestation of life on earth. This is the unified awareness that changes everything – that will bring down greedy, eco-cidal, corporations and power hungry governments – that will reveal the mutlilayered miracle that our existence really is. This awareness is ours to find and bring home within ourselves. Nobody can do this for us. Usually it is a crisis in our lives that leads to us awakening to this truth – but it does not have to be…. we can choose to explore the mysteries of life willingly and enthusiastically – and when we do, they respond, they open to us and reveal the secrets previously kept quiet by the powerful and domineering forces in human society, which have been using the divine principles of existence for their own selfish advantage. The switch we each have to make is that from being an apparent victim of life, blown along by its whims and twists, to claiming our own creator power and creating the life we want – in harmony with the natural flows, ups and downs that nature provides as a backdrop to our life journeys.

As we get close to the Scorpio dark moon there is a natural flow calling us to prayer. This time can be a devotional peak bringing profound awareness of our place in the grand scheme of things and bringing healing, loving, compassionate vibrations into our lives. Prayer is a three fold thing: 1. prayer can be a loving acknowledgement from the heart of the Oneness that gives rise to all existence. 2. Prayer is an opportunity to give thanks for all the good things in our lives, thus enhancing the frequency of gratitude in our energy bodies, which then attracts more good things to us. 3. Prayer is a chance to tell the universe what we want: all our mental thought activity generates subtle vibrations, which then attract similar vibrational experiences into our lives. So it is really not a good idea to spend the dark time of the year complaining and suffering – unless we want more of those. This is the time to keep the mind open to the bigger picture, and optimistic that life will get brighter again. Our bodies and souls will feel much better if we do this. As the gravitational pull inward is so strong right now, the heartfelt energy of prayer and devotion is what has the greatest power to lift us into happier states of well being, by bringing light and love into our inner worlds.


Life WILL get brighter again – change is the one constant in life – and we do not have to wait until Spring for that to happen. From the Scorpio dark moon the internal lunar energies will start to grow again and after a week or so the Sun will enter the fire sign Sagittarius. The centauric energy of that sign brings a buzz into our lives, which largely gets channelled into pre-yuletide excitement, but which is actually offering us spiritual energy with which to find our own ways to explore our part in the bigger picture. Scorpio month helps us to let go of limiting beliefs and worldviews, Sagittarius then brings the fire spirit we need to learn, explore and expand within ourselves, leading us to the Winter Solstice when we celebrate the fact that the darkest point has been reached, and although three months of winter lie ahead, from this point on the light returns.

So the darkest time of the year is not about pain and gloom. It is about healing and release, it is about finding our way, it is about celebrating the mysteries that darkness gives us access to. Human life has become obsessed with external achievements and accumulations – but at this time of the year we get the chance to balance that with some healthy, healing, inner time, which will prepare us for more growth and expansion waiting in the wings for us as we accept more fully who and what we are as divine humans exploring the sacred mysteries of the miraculous creation.


Peace Time Soul Season

Peace Time Soul Season

(chant at Peace Ritual at Imperial War Museum 21 September led by artist Misha Horacek)


At Autumn Equinox you can almost feel the planet stopping for a moment. Day and night are in balance across the globe and nature takes a deep breath to release the summer energies and invite in the autumnal. As part of nature, we experience a natural inward pull during this time, like the trees, we shed stuff during the Fall… we have completed the journey with the growth energies of the year since Spring equinox and now we turn inwards to heal and secure that growth in our bodies and souls.  All over the world people pray for peace, by embodying it.

We are entering the Water season where the soul inside leads us along the way. Spring is the season where AIR energies lead, opening the light half of the year, getting us moving after the earthy winter period, bringing in new ideas, sociability, connections and ambitions. Summer is ruled by FIRE, it is the time when being active, exploring, celebrating and expressing who we are is at the fore. Now comes the Autumn season of WATER – the time when feelings lead the way. The equinox shift into the balancing energy of Libra Sun reveals how things are in our emotional, feeling bodies following the active Summer period. The pull is inwards, we discover what we need to heal. We see what we have achieved.

This water energy gives the autumn the flavour of the soul.  We should take time to tune in to the richness of harvest, take time to absorb the autumn light and colour into body and soul.  Emotion is the language of the soul, and as we move from the active mind time of spring and spirit time of summer, we enter a period when the soul can lead the way. There is usually some sadness when summer ends – a sense of loss which we need to honour but not get stuck in or attached to. Beyond that loss are rich places of deep feeling and magical understanding. This is the season when we can learn and discover more about the divine child within ourselves, the part of us that senses the moods and movements of nature, that speaks and sings with the trees, plants and animals. We are entering the time of soul transformation and will be facing and tackling the mysteries of death and rebirth in a few weeks time as the Sun enters Scorpio and Samhain season brings us to the darkest point of the year – the point at which we can most easily see and feel our connections with other dimensions, other worlds, other planes of reality where consciousness also exists.

Doing that helps us to remember that we are not simply these individual bodies and lifetimes…. that we are also part of something much bigger… something eternal, infinite and ultimately blissful. The Wheel of the Year turns and at each cog offers us a chance to remember who and what we really are, what life is really all about. We can listen to other’s descriptions of their own discoveries on this subject (and even become their students), but it is only by walking the wheel ourselves, attuning to spirit, nature and her cycles, that we can awaken our own inner understanding, wisdom and light.

We do not need to wait until Samhain to give the spirit our attention. Right now, nature is in a glorious phase of colour and shift through which spirit is singing to us constantly. We can start lighting candles and making offerings to display our remembrance of the spiritual realms, of the ancestors, of the spirit guides who seek to nurture us but who can help us much more if we actually acknowledge and open to them. Magical spirits are literally rising out of the earth at this time as plant energy pulls into its roots. Mushrooms are a physical sign of this, this being the period for psilocybin and amanita shrooms that can shift our consciousness when ingested, opening our inner sight to the many realms within realms that exist in the multiverse of creation.

This is the season of the soul. The season to remember what the soul is…. to feel and dive into its miraculous waters, discovering, unveiling, revealing, pursuing the many levels of magical awareness available to our human consciousness. A name that has become associated with the Autumn Equinox is Mabon, taken from a Welsh legend and associated with the archetype of the divine child of light. We celebrate the child phase of the life journey in the Spring of course, at the Spring Equinox, but that is the time of the human child. After two seasons of growth in the light now comes our turn to shine the light inside us – having absorbed the summer sunlight we now discover and reveal how much light we have absorbed and how it is changing us. So the early autumn is a time to be humble, gentle, calm… gracefully accepting the turning of the year, the coming of insight into the inner being. Taking steps to nurture the inner divine child through a time of awakening which she will lead us on if we make her feel safe and hold her hand. Embracing that we are divine children, possibly with an unruly human ego that needs a touch of discipline.

And this season I bet many of us are ready for this shift into a greater vision of who and what we are….. we are coming out of one of the most challenging summers in a long time. While the natural spirit in us seeks to express itself brightly, to enjoy the sunshine highs and warm nights, we have been under the challenging influence of A ROYAL FLUSH OF PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION. The planets travelling backwards through the sky tends to pull our focus into our internal psychological processes, making this summer a period more about shifting our perceptions, changing our habits and viewpoints, learning about ourselves, rather than riding high on simple, ecstatic summer joys.

SATURN was retrograde from March 14 until August 1st, taking him back from aspirational fire of Sagittarius into deep water Scorpio June 14 – September 17, giving us a final blast of the purification journey he has been taking us on since 2012. Saturn in Scorpio means facing the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves, bringing the need to purify and refine our lives in preparation for Saturn’s time in Sagittarius, where he now is settling for the next two years, challenging us to reach for greater understanding of our relationship with higher or source consciousness.

Outermost planetary body PLUTO, was retrograde from April 16 – September 24. This brought an energy of regeneration into our psyche and psychological patterns, working at deep levels we might not often be conscious of. Pluto rules the underworld, he gets us searching in our souls for what we need to change or let go of during a retrograde period. His current placing in Capricorn can be seen in the shaking and cracking going on in the world’s many patriarchal, long established, institutions. This retrograde period may well have changed how many us are new viewing the power held by those invested interests, and looking for alternatives.

NEPTUNE is retrograding June 12 – November 18 in his home sign Pisces. This retrograde is said to heighten sensitivities and receptivity, so both making the transformational energies hit home hard for some and potentially open us to the universal grace and love that Neptune’s reflected sunlight beams at planet Earth. Heightened sensitivity can be both a blessing and a burden. This is a period when it is essential to be doing some degree of inner work, soul searching and balancing, in order to maintain well being. It is important to listen to the inner voice and it’s a good time to develop psychic abilities, and using protection spells/crystals etc if needed to keep unwanted overload of energies being absorbed can be very helpful too.

URANUS retrogrades July 26 – December 25 and he too is pushing us to look inside and analyse our mental processes and our understanding of ourselves. He is half way through an epoch-making 8 year journey through Aries, where he is literally uprooting human’s complacent assumptions about who and what we are. This retrograde period is driving this change deep into our subconscious layers, and around the world many more are waking up to bigger, wider, more fantastic and miraculous reality than they had previously been aware of. Uranus can awaken in us the need for freedom, to escape whatever is confining our growth as a soul. The retrograde period is the time we become aware of this, but the recommended time to act comes after the planet has commenced direct motion again.

VENUS was retrograde in Leo July 25 – September 8th. This had the effect the crucial high summer wave of Leo energy was dominated by this need to sort out what we really love and feel passionate about. So many planets aligned in Leo for a long period of the summer we were all under an immense pressure to sort out who we think we are, to set our sites on our brightest vision of ourselves and affirm it. All the other retrograde planets pushing us to this place of renewal, of reaffirmation, redirection. Now we are in the period of building the redesigned Sun self. We are through the Virgoan month of self improvement but Mars has just arrived in the practical earthy Virgoan energy (and will be joined in October by Venus), keeping us on mission to build ourselves up into who we can really be, manifesting the best of ourselves in the most joyous possible ways. Venus in direct motion now has taken the chains off and love is free to flow forwards strongly again, many might fall in love , or simply feel more able to express their passions now.

This journey needs to be joyous because – the divine child thrives on joy and wilts on apathy or jaded routine. Joyous because – nature reveals more and more how She is the real teacher of life, teaching us, her divine children. We do not really need dogma and theology on this planet (they seem to create so much conflict), we simply need love, compassion and understanding, from which wisdom grows. We do not need denial, renunciation and poverty, we thrive when we embrace passion, exploration and abundance. The Autumn Season of the Soul is shining its gentle healing opening vibrating light in our direction. We are invited to open and receive the Harvest.autumn2